How to volunteer

There are many ways to volunteer, you can contact us and participate either with your valued time to donate. Time and dedication is an enormous help, we'd like to see you participate with us in one of our various spay & neuter mini clinics, or any other proactive approach by feeding the street dogs and help clean our puppy pen. 

We also always look for new foster parents volunteering, a help that is very valuable for our association, as these are mostly animals either in immediate need or adopted ones, waiting and ready to traveling to their new homes abroad. 

One of the most valued volunteer work is organizing for example a flea market or anything similar, to fundraise moneys and create awareness.

Should you fly out of the country to the US or Canada, you could volunteer by being a flight escort for one of our adopted pets. We will take care of all the paperwork, no need to do anything, but offering a bit more time out of your travel time. 

Should you live here in the area, come join us and become part of this awesome group, we are on a WhatsApp group chat and there are many others like you to meet & greet in one of our volunteer gatherings. 

After all, nothing is more rewarding then a true puppy smile, a wagging tail, a happy face, a full belly and the best ever feeling of volunteering good-doing.