how to escort

When you are flying home from your beach vacation in Punta Cana, consider giving a rescue animal a lift to his new life to his forever home abroad.  


RescataMe always seeks travelers to escort and help to transport our rescues to the US  & Canada for adoption or to their new homes.

RescataMe will handle all the arrangements; you just have to show up at the airport, present some documents at your final destination and then call it a good-deed day, you have done something incredible and made many souls happy!


What you need to know to be volunteering as a flight escort:

  1. We seek travelers and vacationers to help us to transport dogs/cats to the US and Canada for adoption or to their new homes. We handle all of the arrangements; you just have to meet one of our volunteers at the airport, and we help you to check in. The at your final destination simple present the documents we prepared for you and then call it a good-deed day. There is no work or expense on your part. Just imagine the overwhelming joy you will feel when you can see this animal meeting his new family - all  thanks to your help!

  2. As soon as you book your flight & vacation to Punta Cana, contact us with your exact itinerary and the details or your trip. Perhaps you want to meet & greet "your" animal during your stay? We then need this time to prep the animal, compile all the paperwork and arrange with the organization or new family at the journey’s end, for a pick up.
    We will book and arrange the pet reservation to your return ticket and the payment of the additional fee.

  3. Best is always the quickest and most direct route back to your home destination. Some airlines might not transport animals in hold or on flights with multiple connections and  lengthy layovers. Usually winter is the best time, most airlines have a travel ban for animals after mid May or before mid November due to the heat regulations.

  4. Some Airlines only permit two carry-on bags. If you are bringing an animal onboard, the pet carrier counts as one item. Be prepared to consolidate your original two carry-ons.

  5. When navigating airport security with an in-cabin animal, place the empty carrier on the belt and carry the dog through the X-ray machine. If you do transport a cat, ask for a secure area or room to do so. During a stop over, plan to visit a pet-relief area, you most probably will have to pass through security again.

  6. If the dog is traveling below and as checked luggage, the airline will most probable send the crate through to the final destination. However, in some cases and US inland flights, you can request the dog to be handed to you to visit a pet relief area. Should you not request this, then you don’t need to check on the dog during the connection.  

  7. After immigration and before customs, you will retrieve the animals from the baggage claim area. Best is to get a porter to help with the crate if you escort a larger dog or two animals.

  8. At customs, collect all of the documents from the officer and don’t forget to relinquish the documents, the person meeting you or the new owners need these for their Vet visit. 

    ​Thank you so much for helping!