How to adopt

There is nothing more thrilling then welcoming a new family member, may it be furry or two pawed, the excitement is unsurpassed. 

Adopting a pet, is a very giving act! In many cases, future animal parents are wary of adopting from rescue organizations or generally stray pets, because of the misconceptions surrounding the process of pet adoption or that they do not "know" where the pet comes from and its past.

This way of thinking has led to people choosing to buy at pet shops, but be aware, these are in most cases pets from very irresponsible back yard breeders and puppy mills. Often sick and very badly malnourished, inbreed and have horrific pasts.



First off, convenience should not be the main criteria to get a pet into your home. Why? Because both buying and adopting comes with a serious set of advantages and disadvantages and not to forget, with a commitment of up to loving  20 years. 


Adopting a pet from RescataMe Punta Cana animal rescue usually is a very easy one:

  1. Sending in an Adoption Request through our form

  2. Having an interview with a representative

  3. Attending a RescataMe meet & greet or come visit our puppy pen

  4. Finalizing the adoption

With the four points of steps above, we want ensure that you will have the capability to care for a rescue animal. As well it allows us to help you find the most compatible pet for your home and family. The adoption process helps to minimize the risk of mismatching a playful animal with an elderly owner, or mismatching a furry pet to a family with perhaps allergic tendencies towards certain breeds.

A live without pets is like dancing without music.