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A few Things to Donate and help to make a change

As an animals lover wanting to help out our organization, but you can’t foster or adopt a pet, volunteer, or donate money, there are many other valuable item donations.

Don’t know what to donate? 

1. Pet food & treats 
Most of our money donation go towards buying food, imagine the number of stray animals her we weekly feed. You can really help by donating few cans or bag of food. It goes a long way. 

2. Puppy & kitten formula, nursing bottles

Oftentimes we are in situations where a whole puppy or kitten litter is found without their mother. With these challenging situations the only way to survive is puppy or kitten formula.

3. Crates & carriers

When we ship adopted animals off island, then we do need good and strong crates, the  cost of multiple carriers does add up quickly. Perhaps you can donate a used one, still in good condition, this helps RescataMe tremendously.

4. Collars & harnesses, leashes

We give our street dogs collars, they then look more "domestic" and are less chased away of premises. After each sterilization we gift all dogs with a collar. 

5. Grooming supplies, Flea & tick treatment, toys

Grooming supplies can be brushes, combs, haircutting scissors, sometimes we find very matted  street animals and often very dirty too.  You could buy new toys, but used toys of your pets or children may have that perfect scent every dog just loves. Stray animals often are fleas or tick infested and need immediate treatment. 

6. Towels and blankets
Many stray animals love a blanky to curl up, towels are used to line the bottoms of cages or during our sterilization campaigns. Towels or blankets don’t have to be new or in perfect condition, animals don’t mind.

7. Kitty litter/Dog & Cat beds

 Hard to get here, very expensive and supply runs out fast, we mostly hand out to our foster volunteers.

8. Paper towels & cleaning supplies, bleach, garbage bags, latex gloves

Wish of course many messy situations, paper towels are a big help. Also during sterilization weekends, we need a lot of cleaning products, sterile gloves and and hand sanitizer, disposable clean towels etc. 

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ISLAND INSIDER Magazine Punta Cana

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BeachCorps - A little grain of Sand

BeachCorps has learned that great nonprofits with the same mission don't compete; they cooperate for the greater good. The combined Mission of Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic (DCDR) and Rescatame("Rescue Me" in Spanish) is to significantly improve the health and well-being of the dogs and cats living on the north coast of the Dominican Republic and the Punta Cana area.   The shared mission is being accomplished through the commitment and compassion of our volunteers, donors, and supporters. Runners Adventures provides the excursion support for this wonderful cause!  

Check out their website and spread the word! rescatame/

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Punta Cana Tours is a tour operator who provides individuals with a wide range of excursion and transportation options to make your next visit to Punta Cana as memorable as it is eventful. Punta Cana Tours donates a portion of every excursion sale to local organizationsmaking a difference in the lives of children and abandoned animals in the Punta Cana region. Learn more about Punta Cana Tours, contact us 844-DRTOURS or

Punta Cana Lifestyle Real Estate, S.R.L.

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