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Animal Rescue Dominican Republic




Punta cana

In 2012 friends and animal lovers formed what is now the only government registered non-profit & animal rescue organization in Punta Cana, RescataMe.org.


They all work and live in the area of Punta Cana and thus are, on a daily base, approached about the animal overpopulation, abuse and other problems.


Many local communities have problems with stray animals and this group acts in order to help.

The number of stray dogs and cats in the streets of

Punta Cana is dramatically reduced, since the start 

of our sterilizations campaigns and the so called


These are usually organized very impromptu and only

a few of volunteers come to help, mostly we can

spay & neuter around 20-30 animals.


Together with our participating local vets and vet techs, we travel in our own cars, collected supplies and a large tent that serves to protect the vets from the sun, to small villages and poor areas.

By then the Association Rescatame Punta Cana was founded and by taking all our private savings we started with a first big Spay & Neuter campaign in Frisua, Bavaro (belongs to Punta Cana).

With a total of 47 animals where spayed/neutered that weekend, we called this a success.


Walking the streets of Punta Cana and the area today, the number of strays is reduced enormously, a large part of the strays are neutered and healthy, its noticeable that many of the castrated strays are well fed and happy.


Through the educational work, the Dominicans have taken much more responsibility for their own, but also the stray animals and some even share their meals with the strays.


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donations & Sponsoring 


At RescataMe PuntaCana there are no obligations or minimum contributions for donations or sponsoring. The amount of the monthly amounts is your decisions, for us already a $10.00 are a well appreciated help.


Everyone should really donate only what can be spared at a monthly basis. The monthly costs for food and medical care are of course different for each animal, but on average they go from $20 to $50 per animal, but please take this as a guideline only and not as a compulsory monthly sum! A family also or a group of friends can take over a joint monthly sponsoring.

Meet our furry friends

The dogs of the Dominican Republic are among the friendliest of their kind. They live very socially and there is hardly any aggression among themselves.


Many of the street and beach dogs make friends quickly with the tourists, go for a walk with them or guard their beach chairs on the beach.
So we often get emails with content like:

"We spent our vacation in the Dominican Republic in ... at an all inclusive resort .... Almost every day we saw this sweet beach dog on the premises and  after a few days only, we truly bonded. At first he was very shy and anxious, but already after a few days, after feeding and playing with him, he became very friendly and has even "sought" us, as fellow tourists told us. Since he has become very dear to us in the few days, we have been seriously considering bringing him home. Especially since we have the feeling that he lacks a home and the fact, that he really blossomed since we started to take care. He's always follows us to the hotel room."

Now, of course, any animal-loving person would think, "Yeah, that's right, the dog needs to be fed and needs to be addressed and it's nice to provide the dog with a home in the hotel during his stay."
Unfortunately, far from it !!!
Taking a dog to the hotel or sometimes even just to the hotels own beach is no good for the animal! Non of the hotels here tolerates stray or beach animals on their premises and they get "eliminated" when caught. 

Meet our street friends, dedicate one day of your vacation with a cause, book a "feed the pups" day. Contact us!


Anyone who has ever met the happy strays in Punta Cana, seen how they treat each other socially and walk on the beach or across the streets, there is no need to feel compassion, because they live a species-appropriate stray animal life. The only important thing is that they are operated, in good health and that they are respected by us, the people.


By taking an animal on your way back home, you can help change their lives forever !

Rescatame Punta Cana will  arrange the formalities, there is nothing you will have to do, but being an hour earlier at the airport. This helps tremendously and is the only way animals can travel to adopters overseas as a passenger’s extra baggage.

A RescataMe Punta Cana representative will bring the animal to the airport, meet you there prior to your flight, and check the animal in. Upon arriving at your destination airport, you will be met by the adopter or shelter who will welcome the animal.

There is no work or expense on your part. Just imagine the overwhelming joy you will feel when you can see this animal meeting his new family - all  thanks to your help!

If you are flying with any of the following airlines, our animals need you as an escort! American Airlines, Air Transat, Jet Blue.

Contact us before your trip, we then can arrange all the necessary.




Adopting a stray animal is not something to be undertaken lightly.

Dogs and cats can live as long as 15+ years, and Rescatame Punta Cana wants to ensure that any of the stray animals placed for adoption do go to for ever homes, people who will provide them with an appropriate, clean, safe, family environment, will feed them properly, take care of them when they are sick, and will – above all – give them the love they deserve, until the end of their days.


What’s a pet foster parent?

By offering a stray animal a temporary home you are a pet foster parent, mostly this is just prior to an already arranged adoption or before the animal can fly. Fostering animals is a wonderful and personal way to contribute to rescue stray animals, sometimes we even have horses or ducks who need a temporary home.


Our Goal

Spay & Neuter Campaigns:

The single most important thing for our stray animals, and helping them from all the suffering, deaths caused by overpopulation is to spay and neuter in mass campaigns. With this we can prevent hundreds to thousands of animals to be born, again only to suffer and struggle to survive on the streets, be abused or even killed.

Spaying and neutering is the only answer to make a makes the difference: Imagine, only one female dog can produce over 60,000 puppies in only six years. In seven years, one female cat can produce the incredible number of  over 300,000 kittens!



With many individual animal lovers, volunteers, tourists wanting to help, feeding and caring for homeless street animals has become a prominent affair. A food program based on donations solely, providing these animal care with regular visits and distribution of dog and cat food each week.



On our Saturday dog feed runs, wee treat stray animals right on spot, or bring them to an external veterinary clinic. Unfortunately diseases like distemper, parvovirus infection, sarcoptic and demodectic mange, canine transmissible tumours (TVT), diseases rarely seen in the first world, but prevalent in the Dominican Republic. Other cases include infected wounds, fractures due to vehicular accidents, various skin and tick-borne disease.


Animal rights:

Is there a law for animal rights in the Dominican Republic? “Yes!” Animals surely deserve to live their lives free from suffering and exploitation, the animal welfare law "Ley 248-12". Developed by the Dominican animal rights organization Sociedad Dominicana para la prevencion de Crueldad a los animales / SODOPRECA (Dominican organization and prevention against animal cruelty) and executed since Aug 15, 2012. Although one of the better animal right laws, it's rarely put into practice and often ignored or violated by exactly those authorities that should actually guarantee its enforcement!

According to this law, animal abuse and poisonings are punished with 3 months – 1 year sentence in prison or fines of 26 – 50 monthly minimum wages. 



By making people aware of the general but also the medical needs by deworming, skin parasites treatment, spay & neuter campaigns, many Dominicans become to see the animal as a friend or family member. We explain that an animals also earn their living, by guarding their home and a cat catches the mice and rats. Humans and animals can live together in harmony and community, as we humans must have respect and feel responsible environment, thus our world remains in balance.